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Company Overview

Company Overview

Advance Pharma Sdn Bhd was formed in year 2001 as an importer, wholesaler and marketer company of pharmaceutical products dedicated mainly in the fields of orthopedic / rheumatology, neurology, urology and other.

We have several existing products under our own brand names, namely Artricap 250mg, ArtriForte, Consulf, Condros, Condropil, Condrosa, Conart, N-cobal, B-cobal, E-zyme, Cetiz, Ceretam, D-cal, Avadol and Urosulf. There are several other in-house products in the pipeline pending government approval. All these products are manufactured by our associated company, AV Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. We are also distributor for few imported products, namely TriCell PRP Kit and Hyacyst.

All the products mentioned above are sold to the healthcare business premises including hospitals, clinics, wholesalers and retail pharmacies, mainly via appointed area distributors for whole Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar.

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